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Plastic Prototypes Below

SolidWorks Model Above - with fully articulating mechanism - trigger is pushed in which pulls lid back, begins gas flow and ignites piezo part.
Selection of Different Sized Plastic Prototypes to evaluate sizes.

High Resolution Viper SLA Models before and after Spraypainting. Modelled in Solidworks and SLA Printed

A Collection of previous works that are either no longer valid or are available to purchase.

These Plastic and Metal Prototypes are to evaluate the size and design elements and also function of lots of projects.

The majority of the models are produced using a 3DSystems Viper SLA High Resolution Machine: http://www.3dsystems.com/products/datafiles/viper/datasheets/International/viper_si2_uk.qxd.pdf

They are then hand finished and spray-painted to a high standard.

Some models also have working internal components to test functions.

  • For Colibri

  • Type Rapid Prototyping

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