Gronefeld G-03 Parallax Tourbillon

Gronefeld Parallax CAD Render

1912 Steel - Product Press Photo - 25.3.14

Rose Gold - Product Press Photo 25.3.14

This timepiece won the 2014 GPHG Award for Best Tourbillon watch!
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Gronefeld G-03 Tourbillon
Development of Dial Proposals for New product
Designed to keep similar aesthetic as a previous version,
but to include new G-03 Movement incorporating a customised Tourbillon Cage.

There were many versions in both projects, as well as a multitude of colour options.

Excerpt from Gronefeld Website:
The Grönefeld Parallax Tourbillon features a “flying” tourbillon with a large central seconds hand, stop seconds, a power reserve- and winding-setting mechanism indicator. The in-house movement displays sophistication and craftsmanship at the very highest level.

The flying tourbillon allows full appreciation of the concentric, rhythmic “breathing” of the balance hairspring, while ensuring high precision. Bart and Tim Grönefeld further highlighted the tourbillon by raising it out of the movement and above the dial.

The precision of the Parallax Tourbillon is evidenced by the large central seconds hand. Normally a central seconds hand requires a friction spring to prevent small fluttering caused by play in the gear train. For the Parallax Tourbillon, the Grönefeld brothers developed the movement with an added pinion and wheel so that the energy-sapping friction spring is not required.

Push to wind, push to set. Rather than pulling the crown to set the time, which has the risk of damaging the fragile crown stem, it is pressed. An indicator on the dial displays the function selected: “W" for Winding or "S” for time setting. When the time setting function is selected, both tourbillon cage bridge and the central seconds hand automatically return to their respective 12 o’clock positions and stop (or hack) while the time is set.

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