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Colibri Italian Leather Belt Collection

Leather Belt Range

Colibri Collection to Date
(From Left to Right) - Diamond, Zephyr, Monza One, Monza Three, Eclipse, Torque, *Providence, *Maui, *Aspire, *The Don (*indicates cosmetic change only)

50 and 70 Capacity Cedarwood Cigar Humidor with Rubber Diamond Grip Section

50 and 70 Capacity Cedarwood Cigar Humidor with Brushed Stainless Steel Section

Single Jet 'Monza One' Jet Torch Lighter

Sports Style 'Torque' Lighter with metallic finishes

Here are some projects I have been involved with.
These are all commercially available products that I have had a level of direct influence and or creative input with.

From product sketch ideas to 3D CAD Modelling, Prototyping and Production Drawings and Finishing Specifications as well as liaison with overseas production.

Colibri are a leading Worldwide luxury brand with a great heritage and ties to London and british design. Inspiration for aesthetics come from motorsport and technology, Colibri are a very innovative and technologically advanced business and innovation is a key element in product development.

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